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Welcome to our lab!

The Laboratory of Geometry and Dynamical Systems at UPC-EPSEB promotes the collaboration between Geometers and Dynamicists interested in common problems from different perspectives and with complementary techniques. The lab focuses on questions which are on the crossroads of Symplectic Geometry and Dynamical Systems.
Current projects involve several aspects in Hamiltonian Dynamics such as existence of action-angle coordinates, quantization, KAM theory, stability problems and diffusion in symplectic manifolds with singularities (b-symplectic and origami-like or more degenerate) and other singular models showing up in actual problems in Celestial Mechanics.

Our parent research groups are the UPC research groups on Geometry of Varieties and Applications GEOMVAP and Dynamical Systems SD.
We are associated to the Department of Mathematics at UPC.

We are located on the first, second and third floor of the building EPSEB. The members of the lab are also members of the Department of Mathematics at UPC

Click here to see the memorandum of the lab (in Catalan).