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Focus Program on Poisson Geometry
The summer school and conference of Poisson Geometry will take place in Toronto. Part of the lab will b-there! Eva will make one of the first talks in the Poisson conference on the main interests of the lab.
Interview of Eva Miranda at ABC
Launch of the lab at the BGSMath
Interview of Marcel Guàrdia at PENTA
The lab goes to MSRI
Several members of the lab will be invited research members of the MSRI program Hamiltonian systems, from topology to applications through analysis and speakers in several of its workshops. The activities start in August!
The JISD 2018 is taking place at CRM this week
Thesis defense of Rodrigo Schaefer
The thesis of Rodrigo Schaefer will be defended on Wednesday 11 at FME :"Global Instability in Hamiltonian Systems" (advisor Amadeu Delshams). Wednesday 11/July/2018 12:00 at Sala d’Actes FME (UPC)
Marcel Guardia awarded with an ICREA Academia prize
The ICREA Acadèmia call for applications is a grant to university professors who already hold permanent positions in the Catalan research system. The grant is for five years and is intended to promote the awardees’ research, basically by relieving them from teaching duties. The Laboratory of Geometry and Dynamical Systems has now two ICREA Academia Awards: The one of Eva Miranda and the one of Marcel Guardia.
Eva Miranda plenary speaker at the Congreso Bienal RSME
Indam Workshop Poisson Geometry and Higher Structures,
E. Miranda will be plenary speaker at the The Indam Workshop Poisson Geometry and Higher Structures.
Eva Miranda, invited speaker at the 8ECM
Eva Miranda has been chosen by the Scientific Committee to be one of the invited speakers at the 8th European Congress of Mathematics. The European Congress of Mathematics take place every 4 years. The next one: the 8ECM will take place at Portoroz in Slovenia.
Ph.D. grant of La Caixa to Join our lab
The doctoral INPhINIT fellowships offer a highly competitive salary and complementary opportunities for training on transferrable skills (through the collaboration of leading entities such as Vitae and Oxentia), temporary stays in industry, incentives upon completion of the thesis, among other elements that make these fellowships some of the most attractive and complete in Europe. This year we have a new opening under the same agreement with La Caixa Bank and we are looking for good candidates eager to work with us. You may find more information in the link below. Please pass this advertisement to potentially interested students. More information here
Karen Uhlenbeck, awarded the Abel Prize
Eva Miranda explains to the press the contributions of Uhlenbeck and the significance of her condecoration.
Marco Mazzucchelli course in contact geometry
Advanced Course on Geometry, Topology and Algebra at CRM
Robert Cardona, awarded the Évariste Galois Prize
Pint of science!
Eva Miranda will participate in the event #steMatEsElla
Qun Wang talk at the FME
Jean Gutt talk at FME
Anastasia Matveeva receives a La Caixa grant
Robert Cardona's talk at SIMBA
Global Poisson Seminar
Presentations by the MAMME students 2020
b-Lab Diary of a confinement: Daniel Peralta (I)
b-Lab Diary of a confinement: Daniel Peralta (II)
b-Lab Diary of a confinement: Cédric Oms
b-Lab Diary of a confinement: Baptiste Coquinot
b-Lab Diary of a confinement: Pau Mir
b-Lab Diary of a confinement: Robert Cardona