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Members & Grants

Members of the lab

Head of the Lab: Eva Miranda

Permanent Members:

Visiting Professors:

Margarita Salas Fellows (re-incorporation contracts):

  •   Alfonso Garmendia(with a CRM-MDM Postdoc)
  • Jagna Wiśniewska (contracted under the BBVA project)

Former postdocs:

Ana Peón

Juan Margalef

Cédric Oms

Robert Cardona

Ph.D students:

  • Joaquim Brugués (FI Agaur grant)
      • supervisors: E. Miranda and Sonja Hohloch (at University of Antwerp), to defend in December 2023
  • Pau Mir (INPhINIT-La Caixa Grant)
        • supervisor: E. Miranda, to defend in December 2023
  • Søren Dyhr (to started in 2022-2023), next INPHINIT PhD holder under the MDM excellence project.
        • supervisor: E. Miranda (with A. Gonzalez-Prieto and D. Peralta-Salas)
  • Pablo Nicolás (to start in September 2023), grant FPI-Maria de Maeztu
        • supervisor: E. Miranda
  • Martin Zika (to start in 2023-2024)
        • supervisor: E. Miranda

Bachelor and Master Students (in chronological order)

  • Alberto Cavallar Oriol (CFIS student TFG at Caltech Univ. with Sergei Gukov, Angus Gruen and Sunghyuk Park) grantholder of Beca de Colaboración con el Ministerio accepted at the VURP program in Caltech, next Master in Munchen.
  • Pablo Nicolás (CFIS student TFG co-directed with Eva. Miranda and Nicolai Reshetikhin at Yau Center in Tsingshua University) grantholder of Beca de Colaboración con el Ministerio.
  • Marc Herault Ripoll (CFIS student to start his undergraduate thesis under Sergei Gukov, Angus Gruen and Eva Miranda).  It is with sorrow that we mourn the passing of Marc. Marc was a charismatic member of the Lab. His passion to understand the interaction of mathematics and physics remains an inspiration for us.
  • Lara San Martín (CFIS undergraduate thesis under Sergei Gukov, Angus Gruen and Eva Miranda), next PhD student at Caltech.
  • Josep Fontana McNally (Undergraduate thesis Candidate with Eva Miranda, Daniel Peralta-Salas and Boris Khesin), next Master Student in Oxford.
  • Pablo Nicolás (current Master student) financed under an INIREC grant under Eva Miranda's ICREA Academia 2021.

Visiting PhD students:

Francesco Cannas Aghedu (Univ Cagliari)  in 2019












Visiting Master Student:

Baptiste Coquinot (ENS) in April-July 2020 (online visiting student)

External members and regular visitors:

  • Jacques Féjoz (Observatoire de Paris)
  • Anna Gierzkiewicz-Pieniążek (Krakow)
  • Ángel Gonzalez-Prieto (UCM)
  • David Martinez Torres (PUC-Rio de Janeiro)
  • Daniel Peralta-Salas (ICMAT)
  • Francisco Presas (ICMAT)

Short term Visitors:

 Alejandro Cabrera

Jonathan Weitsman


Romero Solha (UPV), Anna Kiesenhofer (EPFL-Lausanne),  Juan Margalef (PennState University), Ana Peón (Univ. Nice)

Rodrigo Schaeffer (Uppsala University), Roisin Braddell (BCAM), Arnau Planas Bahí (La Caixa), Cédric Oms (ENS Lyon), Robert Cardona (Université de Strasbourg), Anastasia Matveeva



we also have a pet (Blobby)


  • Eva Miranda is financed by the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies via an ICREA Academia 2016 Prize and ICREA Academia 2021 Prizeand partially supported by several research projects.
  • We are financed under 2021 SGR 0063 Grant, GEOMVAP.
  • Marcel Guardia obtained an ERC Starting Grant which has a webpage:
  • Eva Miranda is the principal investigator of the AGAUR SGR research project GEOMVAP with code 2017SGR932 (21 members) and the MTM research project MTM2015-69135-P/FEDER, Geometría y Topología de variedades, álgebra y aplicaciones (together with Marta Casanellas). These projects support also: Robert Cardona, Anastasia Matveeva, Arnau Planas, Cédric Oms and Roisin Braddell.
  • Eva Miranda is also a member of the research project EXPLORA ciencia MTM2015-72876-EXP based at ICMAT-CSIC (Members: Alberto Ibort, Eva Miranda and Francisco Presas(IP)) and a collaborator of the National Science Foundation project New Avenues in Symplectic Geometry DMS 12/11819 (PI: Jonathan Weitsman).
  • Amadeu Delshams, Marcel Guàrdia, Roisin Braddell, Rodrigo Schaefer are also supported by the AGAUR SGR research project SD 2014 SGR 00504 and the MINECO-FEDER Grant MTM2015-65715-P and the Russian Scientific Foundation Grant 14-41-00044 at the Lobachevsky University of Nizhny Novgorod.
  • Anastasia Matveeva is supported by an INPhiNIT research grant by La Caixa associated to E. Miranda's project (see here for details:
  • Cédric Oms' thesis is supported by an AFR-grant Fonds National de Recherche from Luxembourg.
  • Other projects: From September 2017 until February 2018, Eva Miranda has been a Chaire d'Excellence de la Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris and her work has been supported by a public grant overseen by the French National Research Agency (ANR) as part of the "Investissements d'Avenir" program (reference: ANR-10-LABX-0098).